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Vision Zero Plan

What is the Vision Zero Plan?

The Vision Zero Plan (formerly the Strategic Highway Safety Plan [SHSP] Update, 2018-2023) is the result of a comprehensive and coordinated effort by North Dakota state agencies and more than 200 safety partners representing local and tribal governments and private organizations who are focused on reducing the number of motor vehicle crash fatalities on state and local roadways.
This plan is data driven and analysis of North Dakota crash data was used to identify and prioritize crash types, safety strategies, and the types of roadway facilities considered the best candidates for safety investment.
The underlying foundations of this plan include a vision, mission statement, and a short term goal.
  • Vision: Establish a culture of personal responsibility where motor vehicle fatalities and serious injuries are recognized as preventable and not tolerated.
  • Mission: Eliminate fatalities and serious injuries caused by motor vehicle crashes.
  • Short-Term Goal: To reduce annual motor vehicle crash fatalities to fewer than 75 by 2025.
Zero fatalities is not impossible, but it will take all of us to get there. The North Dakota Vision Plan offers the opportunity for continued progress. Let’s work together to achieve the zero goal in North Dakota.

    2018 - 2023 Vision Zero Plan